Golden Globes: What Happened to Gratitude and Role Models?

By admin

By editorial

It’s so easy to be a hypocrite. Most times, all we have to do is open mouth, insert foot.  Multi-award-winning, multi-million-dollar actress Meryl Streep, just proved the point. In accepting a Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes Monday night, she couldn’t wait to abuse the honor she’d been bestowed by her peers to rant against the nation’s president-elect.

No gratitude. Just abusing the podium she’d been granted.

Yet the reality is that every word Streep spewed in condemnation of a presidential candidate said merely proved herself to be exactly what she heart-fully condemned. 

Quite a performance, Meryl!

And… just wondering… where’s the gratitude, if not humility, at the honor you just received?

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