Pastors – including Catholic priests – sue state governors for discrimination against houses of worship

By CBJ editors

While mainstream media and PBS news continue to stir ordinary citizens into a state of near perpetual fear with hourly news reports that drone on about new covid cases — never about the new vaccine(s) recently announced that have so far shown 93% success rates, nor about successful recovery — many many MANY people wonder… Why is Walmart open and churches are shut down?  

Something is wrong with that picture, in the name of Covid or anything else.

Human beings — whether they are in Walmart or in church — are capable of wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart.  

The big exception to that rule, of course, are BLM and Antifa riots and looting.   No need for social distancing there, apparently.

And one more exception is that if a group of unwitting Marxist sheep are allowed by city and state mayors and governors to occupy the center of a city such as Portland or Seattle or elsewhere, there’s no need for social distancing or masks there either.  In fact, the major crime and unsanitary conditions in those “occupied zones” have been largely unreported in mainstream media.  Too bad.   It’s pretty eye-opening.

So, back to the root of the problem.

As the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

A pandemic doesn’t override the Constitution, and it’s a shame that preserving its liberties from politicians has often required litigation.

The WSJ editorial board goes on to discuss just one of many lawsuits popping up around the country in which pastors are suing their state governors and legislatures for discrimination.

It’s about time we stood up for our Constitutional freedoms!


  • “On Wednesday, Delaware Gov. John Carney settled with a pastor who went to court claiming that the state of emergency orders discriminted against houses of worship,” reported WSJ.


  • A Catholic priest, Fr. Trevor Burfitt, is in California Superior Court where he is seeking protection from the State of California, along with Kern, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties. Fr. Burfitt and his attorneys are asking for a temporary Restraining Order against California Governor Gavin Newsom and those under his direction to prevent enforcement of the unconstitutional shut down of churches and the harassment of congregants.
  • A Los Angeles County church is being repeatedly harassed by the Public Health Department. Thomas More Society attorneys are preparing to challenge the actions of two county “Environmental Health Specialists” who surveilled Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church in Arcadia


  • Two Colorado churches and their pastors are currently protected from the state’s enforcement of capacity limits and face masks during worship services thanks to an order handed down by a federal judge on October 15, 2020.


  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to violate religious liberty, and two Catholic priests, two Catholic school students, and four Orthodox Jewish individuals are renewing an ongoing lawsuit against the head of New York state for imposing new, draconian restrictions

This is an ongoing story.

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