God Help Argentina

As Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priest for Life, puts it: “the shockwaves of abortion reach Argentina. God help Argentina.”

Reacting to the legalization of abortion in Argentina, Fr. Pavone made clear that Argentine President Alberto Fernandez is tragically mistaken in asserting that “today we are a better society.”

“Abortion makes nothing better for anyone,” Father Pavone said. “Certainly not for the child who is torn from his mother’s womb. Mothers who choose abortion will suffer the emotional consequences for the rest of their lives. Fathers will come to know regret and as here in the United States, the entire society will experience the shockwaves of abortion.

“Argentina has serious problems and now it will have another,” Father Pavone concluded. “The blood of the unborn can’t be easily washed away.”

We at Catholic Business Journal certainly concur, as do millions of faithful, practicing Catholic men and women in the U.S., North and South America and beyond.

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