Behind the Red Curtain: A Peek into China’s Draconian Shanghai Lockdown

Even after two long years of business-crushing Covid lockdown in states such as California and countries such as Canada, it is difficult to imagine what has been happening in the beautiful and once-vibrant city of Shanghai, China, for the past seven weeks – with little sign of ending soon, in spite of words to the contrary.

Severe, forced, government-controlled and maintained lockdown, on an entirely different level.  Starvation. Food shortages. Mental breakdown. Anger. Screaming from windows of high-rise apartments. Inhumane treatment, like animals in cages.

It is so bad that one Shanghai resident was mistakenly taken to a morgue, though she was still alive!

Instead of writing about it, here are three short video clips—all from CNN—that capture the reality in Shanghai…the reality of communism.

  1.  See firsthand the reality of what’s going on in Shanghai :












2.  Brutal, aggressive Chinese police actions in the name of “protection” and “carrying out government” mandates:



3.  And, a first-hand account from a journalist who barely managed to leave:



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