Dan Lyons

Please pray for Dan and his family as they help him fight cancer

grandkids & friends

5 ,20yr+ young men and single mom of 2 children looking for work


Please pray for my son. He is 22 years old, very gifted, graduated from college, has been accepted to graduate school. God has given him many gifts, one of which is AADD. He has finally gotten to the point that he is actively trying to deal with it, but is very reluctant to allow God…

St. Jude Academy

The families of St. Jude Academy found out last night that the school was going to close. The parents found the news unacceptable and took on the challenge to try to raise $400K in 30 days to keep the school open. Please pray that we are successful in our endeavor and that we can save…

Leona and Rick

Alchoholism has taken my brother hostage and the Devil is fighting for his soul. Leona prays for her son but cannot let him go to get help. Please pray for God’s love and strenghth for them both that He will heal and support them if they just give Him the chance to “fix their broken…