Invitation & Resources: How Big Tech Censors Religious Voices, and How to Fight Back

By Napa Legal

Big Tech’s censorship of religious voices has continued. Napa Legal joins the Ethics and Public Policy Center to continue spotlighting this issue in an event discussing How Big Tech Censors Religious Voices, How to Fight Back

In this special online event from the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) and Napa Legal, EPPC Policy Analyst Clare Morell interviews EPPC President Ryan. T. Anderson, EPPC Fellow Carl R. Trueman, and Napa Legal Vice President Josh Holdenried on their own experiences with Big Tech’s censorship, as well as overall trends and patterns in how religious voices are being targeted. They also discuss what religious organizations and individuals can do to protect themselves, as well as possible policy solutions to Big Tech’s censorship.

User Agreements and The Enforcement of Corporate Values

A tech company’s “community guidelines” can be used to justify cutting off service to faith-based organizations whose values do not align with secular liberalism. Napa Legal’s newest report surveys the user agreements employed by tech vendors and catalogues the scope of power these vendors reserve to enforce their corporate values through their user agreements.

De-Platforming: The Threat Facing Faith-Based Organizations

Big Tech’s unpredictable de-platforming of faith-based organizations and their leaders has become so frequent that faith-based organizations can no longer rely on continuous service from these companies, particularly social media providers. Napa Legal is helping faith leaders respond decisively to the changed landscape.

What to Do if Your Nonprofit Relies on Big Tech

Big Tech companies began 2021 by suspending business relationships and censoring certain religious organizations. Chilling examples include Twitter’s lockdowns of accounts operated by Catholic World Report and The Daily Citizen.

De-Platforming Example Action Plan

This resource offers a step-by-step action plan to respond quickly and effectively to a Big Tech de-platforming.



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