9/11—Twenty Years Ago: Never Forget, Never Take Our Freedom For Granted

By CBJ staff

Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.  Let’s make sure our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, are learning real history in school… so that we NEVER FORGET, Never take our freedoms for granted!

Yes we are called to live in Christ-centered Courage, self-discipline, love, hope.  We are called to live in joy, in Christ…  Yet this doesn’t happen at a deep level unless we learn to pray without ceasing… to live in gratitude… and to Never Forget those on whose shoulders we stand, the lives of the saints, the lessons from history, the utter horror of 9/11 attacks, of evil…

We are called to fight like our life depends on it (because it does)– to fight for our God-given, U.S. Constitutionally respected freedoms in the United States of America.  And that happens in our neighborhoods, our schools, our cities and towns and counties. Local, especially in what is taught to our children in schools, is where we win the battle in the long run.

God is stronger than evil, and he works through us.  God is not a “magic pill.”

Never forget that the U.S. and our freedoms have many enemies — for many different reasons — enemies who want to take freedom from us, who want to destroy us.

This is a fight of a lifetime.

Today, the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, we remember and mourn and pray for mercy and courage in our fight.


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