More Questions about the coronavirus answered

You may know how the coronavirus began and have a vague notion of its symptoms.  In this article, 11 questions about the coronavirus are answered, including symptoms, how the virus spreads, whether or not to travel, and more.

Vox—The coronavirus outbreak, centered in China, keeps evolving at a dizzying speed. With the case toll rising steeply (reaching over 75,000 on February 19), face masks flying off store shelves, and businesses, cruise ships, and entire cities upended by the virus — it’s no wonder questions and fears are swirling about Covid-19, as the disease is known.

For most people in the US, however, there’s no reason to worry: Ninety-nine percent of cases are happening in China. But that may shift in the coming weeks as more outbreaks are detected in other countries. Here are answers to your most burning questions about the new coronavirus and its risks.

Below are the 11 questions the Vox article will answer: (or, go straight to rest of article)

  • What is this new coronavirus and where did it come from?

  • What are the symptoms?

  • How do coronaviruses spread?

  • Should I travel while this outbreak is going on?

  • I’m still worried about the new coronavirus. What should I do to protect myself? Buy a face mask?

  • What about the cases of people spreading the virus before they show symptoms? Isn’t that worrisome?

  • Is this going to become a deadly pandemic?

  • Is my city at risk of an outbreak?

  • What might happen next?

  • How is the world responding to this crisis?

  • How might this end?

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