University of Notre Dame Students and Alumni Protest University’s Choice of Radical Pro-Abortion Obama as Commencement Speaker

May 17, 2009 — As the University of Notre Dame administration this year boasts securing the most aggressively pro-abortion president of the United States ever, Barrack Hussein Obama, as its 2009 Commencement Speaker, not far away a large — very large — gathering of faithful students, alumni and others gather in protest.

In the 10-minute clip below, you will hear a sharp, clear, compelling and well-reasoned talk by Rev. Wilson D. Miscamble, CSC — a priest of the Holy Cross that founded the University and a University of Notre Dame professor for more than 20 years — on the embarrassing and Catholic-principles-undermining 2009 Commencement Speaker choice on the part of the UND president and administration.

“…Notre Dame chose prestige over Truth…”

At the end, Fr. Miscamble’s call to action is right on the money…

Absolutely inspiring!  

Listen below:

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