Stories of Hope: Turning our family’s life around during financial crisis

By Cecilia Miskic

I am Cecilia Miskic (standing on the right front side of the photo) from Hayward, California.  My husband and I have been blessed with a 20-year marriage and have four healthy children.  We blended my general contracting business and my husband’s construction business, and in our first 10 years we experienced great success.
Then like thousands in our industry, we went through a dramatic decline in our family’s income when the economy took a huge hit. During this difficult time we used our life savings to stay afloat but knew we needed something else to save us from using any more of our savings.

​It was then that we were fortunate to hear about a way to supplement our income with no limitations, while keeping family first.  Recognizing our frustrating situation, a friend had mentioned their experiences with Hope in a Can and it sounded to me like it was worth learning more.

As it turned out, not only did we experience a great financial turnaround, but also our lives were forever changed with a whole new level of lifestyle and health.  I was able to bring in an extra $22K – $24K per year on a part-time basis and our family has experienced results from debilitating sciatic nerve pain, migraine relief, hormonal imbalance issues, painful muscles and sports injuries.  
A family business in my home country of Croatia took my focus away for a short period, but we were pleasantly surprised because for almost two years we continued to receive a residual check every month for the work I had put in prior to that time. 
Today I am back to what I know has worked for us and so many world-wide.  I have a renewed vision to be a part of a driving force that allows others to gain a better lifestyle through financial freedom and optimal health – the two top needs of everyone we meet.
My husband and I are now putting two children through college while our two high schoolers plan to go to college in the near future. I am thrilled we aren’t just getting by any longer! Instead, we have a prosperous avenue that gives us the necessary means to take care of our family now and into our future. Our future has never looked brighter!


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