Stories of Hope: I Quit My Membership in the Daily Ibuprofen Club

By Rich Brandl

It was during a daily commute while listening to the local Catholic radio show (The Catholic Business Hour) that I heard an ad that caught my ear.  I was kind of looking for something else to do that didn’t involve working for someone else.  I was also looking for “something” that would provide a more promising outlook for the future.  I remember hearing “Hope” and the web address and decided to check it out.  But I was skeptical of “income” from the kitchen table and after having used many products in the past.

As a health and wellness professional I have used supplementation of some sort most of my adult life and have maintained fairly good health habits along the way.  So using supplements was nothing new but hearing the results I was hearing was almost too good to be true.

My current ambition is to participate in mud runs or obstacle course races that are 3-10 miles with anywhere from 15-22 obstacles along the way.  Setting these goals is my way to keep me consistent with daily exercise and good eating habits.  So with the suggestions of other teammates I assembled a plan to keep me at my strongest to maintain fitness levels, recover from workouts, stay focused during my trail runs and obtain better sleep habits. 

AT 54 years old and pretty active and overall healthy, I didn’t have major health issue to contend with but did suffer from daily joint pain and muscle aches from the harder workouts on an aging body.  I had listened to others and their stories of some amazing and dramatic results and was curious and anxious to see how I would benefit from another “new and improved” supplement.

At the time I was training for a Tough Mudder, which is 12 miles long and like the granddaddy of obstacle runs.  My knees and right shoulder was really bothering me, so figured if there is some relief there I would be satisfied.

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