What’s Wrong with Socialism?

Any serious Catholic business professional, especially business owners, know how profoundly government affects business, work, profit, property ownership, taxation, regulations, R&D, and more. Much more, including freedom of lifestyle and choices, and even freedom of religious practices. 

But many U.S. citizens today — most likely due to stunted elementary and college education, politically correct social studies textbooks and courses rather than accurate history, and false narratives regarding the founding principles of the United States and other countries — have no clue about the matter.  None.

Even worse, there is in the United States an increasing acceptance, even applause and longing for such oppressive regimes as “socialism.”

Because this is a serious matter for all Catholics, as attested to and explained in several major Papal encyclicals through the centuries, Catholic Business Journal makes it a point to highlight easy-to-grasp resources that make evident he reality of the evils of socialism on the human spirit and society.  

We hope you find these references and resources useful.

Our recommendation today is from Prager U.  The link is here:  https://youtu.be/WCUq0V-3mgo

This short, engaging video showcases — using on-site videos, real-world  and interviews — what’s wrong with socialism.


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