By Tim Von Dohlen


February 27, 2019

Pat and I recently returned from the annual Legatus Summit in Dana Point, California. For those not familiar with Legatus it is an organization of leading Catholic business men and women from across America who are Ambassadors for Jesus Christ. At the Summit, you hear nationally recognized speakers and learn the current status of things happening in government both national and state, in the Catholic Church, and on issues that impact faith and family. All the speakers were interesting, with some topics immediately useful. Even so, some of the information was disturbing to learn.

Just 5 minutes a day

Still being early in 2019, I found the following suggested recommendation for daily action by Father Larry Richards to be particularly practical, personally rewarding and good for each of us spiritually. “In just 5 minutes a day,” he said, “pray in your own words:

  1. Be sorry for any sins committed. He always forgives us.
  2. Surrender yourself to Him. God loves you more than you will ever love yourself.
  3. Say Jesus hold me like you would a child (takes no more than 3 minutes).Close by saying the Lord’s prayer.

“When you follow this, you become a person of love and mercy.”

What a beautiful way to start each day. Father Larry Richards delivers a powerful message. He assures when we follow simple steps it can positively change our lives.

Our nation and its citizens desperately need prayer

We certainly know that looking around at what is taking place in many places in America today prayer may be the only thing that can help!

It is hard to believe that the State of New York recently adopted an abortion statute that allows abortion up to the time of birth (eight other states have taken similar action) and some suggesting even after the baby is born.

What has happened in America to allow this kind of heinous action? What drives the thought process of advocates for late term abortion and infanticide? Is any cause worth the taking of innocent human life?

How long will medical science—which clearly shows in a sonogram a living baby capable of living outside the mother’s womb—be ignored and the conspiracy among abortion advocates and media to keep these facts from the average person continue?

It was startling to see that the very first action taken by the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives was to adopt funding by U.S. taxpayers for destruction of human life (abortion).

Fortunately, this could not pass the Senate.

Even more fortunate was the letter from President Trump clearly setting out his intent that his administration will work tirelessly to implement common sense pro-life policies. Pat and I felt very fortunate to be included in a special conference call with President Trump on February 14. President Trump strongly expressed his continuing commitment to protecting human life.

The stakes are high when a nation thinks nothing of killing an unborn—and even a newborn—baby for any reason.  Every extra prayer we can muster can make a difference!

Life Matters

Two presentations at the Summit were very informative on life matters.

First, there was a screening of the film “Unplanned” about the life and accomplishments of Abby Johnson to leave Planned Parenthood and help many others to leave the employment of Planned Parenthood.

Second, was presented by Lila Rose, “Transforming the Culture of Life,” a video which educates about what actually takes place in a late term abortion.

This second video showed students who said they were pro-abortion, radically change their mind after seeing the video and were convinced to become pro-life. Go to

We also heard a presentation by Archbishop Kurtz, former President of the USCCB, about what to expect at the February conference in Rome with the Pope and many Bishops. Let us pray that all participating be guided by the Holy Spirit.

We are living in a time when Catholic business men and women must stand firm with our Catholic faith because it is the truth.

On this last point, I want to share with you words from Bob Gass:

Stand Firm

“Paul gives us the secret to victory in the battles of life: ‘Having done everything…stand firm’ (Eph 6:23 NAS).

“Stand firm when your enemies seem to prosper. Stand firm when the wicked seem to be winning. Stand firm when big people act small and little people demand authority they don’t deserve. Stand firm when no one would even know you compromised.

“Spiritually speaking, where are you today? Are you feeling shaky in areas where you once stood strong? Are you giving in to temptation, fear, mood-swings, or the opinions of others because you’re tired of their disapproval? Stand firm!

“Moses endured even when he was in his eighties ‘because he saw him who is invisible’ (NIV). He kept his eyes on the Lord. He continually reminded himself that his sole purpose in life was to please the Lord, obey Him, glorify Him, and gain His approval. So the word for you today is: Stand firm!”

Let it be known by our actions that we as Catholics will in fact “stand firm.


Timothy Von Dohlen is the founder and president of the John Paul II Life Center and Vitae Clinic in Austin, Texas. ( He may be reached at [email protected]

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