By Thomas M. Loarie

Tim Von Dohlen

June 14, 2016
Column: CEO Learnings

Mr. Tim Von Dohlen is an attorney, businessman and former member of the Texas House of Representatives from Goliad, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and later his law degree from the University of Texas. He has been Member of Board of Trustees at TMF Health Quality Institute since 2007. But most impressive is that throughout his very active career in pharmacy, law, serving for 14 years in the Texas state legislature, real estate and more, he has never wavered from his Catholic faith and its principles.

Always a strong pro-life advocate, perhaps one of his greatest achievements was inspired by Pope St. John Paul II, whom Von Dohlen considers to be one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.

It was 2005, Pope St. John Paul II had just completed his journey on earth and four million people had descended on the Vatican to say goodbye.

“I felt challenged,” Von Dohlen said. “I had to do something.”

Within days of the pope’s burial, Tim Von Dohlen and a group of Pro-Life Austin leaders rose to that challenge. After about a year, Von Dohlen and his wife Pat partnered with friends Chris and Sheri Danze to create the framework for the St. John Paul II Life Center.

Their vision was unique to Central Texas; namely, to create a respected, Pro-Life medical clinic, provide assistance and state-of-the-art sonograms for women facing unexpected pregnancies, conduct widespread outreach on chaste living for young people, and to provide education in the science of Natural Family Planning (NFP) for married couples.

It took five years of hard work, and the prayers and support of many, to realize their vision. The St. John Paul II Life Center opened on October 12, 2010, with full tax-exempt status and a passion for building a Culture of Life in Texas.

To learn more about the St. John Paul Life Center and the Vitae Clinic, also founded by Tim Von Dohlen and friends, go to:   They are always open for a discussion about duplicating this very successful operation elsewhere!

To reach Tim Von Dohlen, email:

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