By Thomas M. Loarie

BOOK REVIEW: The Warning – An Amazing Story of Danger and Hope Written by an Amazing Woman Who Took the Path Less Traveled

January 7, 2020
Column: CEO Learnings

Christine Watkins is a remarkable woman who has become one of today’s most important Catholic authors. “The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience” is her seventh book and is a top bestseller in Mysticism and Catholic Theology. Her primary interest is spiritual transformation, which is rooted in her own transformation, a story which she tells in her book, “Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary’s Intercession.”

Watkins, formerly an anti-Christian atheist, danced with the San Francisco Ballet Company and was completely lost to a life of sin and darkness – drugs, hook-up sex, and more – when a miraculous healing from Jesus through Mary, saved her from death. She made a remarkable U-turn and has since dedicated herself to service within the Catholic Church, especially in the areas of post-abortion and bereavement counseling, spiritual direction, parish mission preaching, and as a Catholic spirituality author and lecturer.

You can also hear Watkins tell her story on YouTube by going to “Christine Watkins’ Catholic conversion story at the Notre Dame Medjugorje Conference.(starts about 3:45 in the video, compelling)  Her story is powerful and provocative.

In the prophetic book, “The Warning,” Watkins writes about a watershed moment in time, the “Illumination of Conscience,” a day of justice, that is to come when every person alive will see their soul as God sees us, in the light of divine truth. According to the prophets of this dramatic event, God will be sending this as a warning to a world that has become blind to sin. A world in which people no longer mistrust the devil. Rather, they follow and obey him, offending God by acting contrary to His will.

The “Illumination” is a remedy to bring many back from the brink of eternal death. Its purpose is to give us a chance to change our lives for the better once we discover the state of our soul and the truth about ourselves, much as Watkins experienced with her own transformation.

Watkins provides evidence of the coming “illumination” with references to prophecies from an impressive list of spiritual heavyweights including the Gospel of Matthew, two canonized popes; excerpts from each of the prophesies addressing the warning; and stories of those who have experienced an illumination of conscience (think St. Paul, the phenomenon of near death experiences, apparitions). The latter stories are especially fascinating, provocative and convincing. Each of these individuals was taken through a review of their life and shown their every sin – those of commission and omission.

Watkins anticipates that readers of her latest book will respond in one of four ways:

  • With utter disbelief, even scorn. For them, this topic will be relegated to a fringe element in the church.
  • With curiosity. It may be too grand, unprecedented, unverified, or unknown to be true but…they want to learn more.
  • With belief, but not to you or your generation
  • With belief, understanding and concern – will your loved ones be changed, saved, or come into the Catholic Church through its unique effect.

Across centuries, men, women and children have independently said they were told supernaturally about the reality of the illumination of conscience, sometimes in great detail. Watkins, herself a wounded prophet, brings “The Warning” back to center stage and reminds us that all are in danger.

Watkins urges us in the words of St. Paul to “’not quench the spirit; not despise prophecy.’ For God, there are no gray areas in between the path of evil and the path of Our Lord…God has not given us three ways to travel.”

“The Warning” is a story of God’s mercy.



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