By Patrick Lencioni

A story of gratitude and faith

December 3, 2019
Column: Management that Makes a Difference

I am writing this note almost exactly one year, to the minute, since one of the most wonderful and powerful moments in my life. 

A year ago, I was in Maryland at a hotel located along one of the many bays in the region.  After a client event, I had an extra day to write before heading home.  I decided to go for a walk along the water, and during that walk, I suddenly began to have general worries about my children. 

One of those children, my sixteen-year-old son, Casey, was particularly concerning to me.  Though I really do love all my boys equally, for some reason I remember saying to myself that day “what would I do if something happened to Casey?”  There was just something that had me more worried about Casey than my other boys.

I returned to my hotel room from my walk and felt a sudden calling from Jesus to stop right there and bring my worries about my sons to Him.  It seemed subtle but clear.  “Pray for them right now.  Don’t wait.”  So I did.

Ninety minutes later, I received a phone call from my wife, Laura.  “Everything’s fine,” she said.  “Casey is fine.”  She then explained that Casey’s car had been hit, head on, by a driver who had run a red light in front of the high school.  Casey’s car had flipped upside down, leaving him and a friend of his, hanging by their seat belts.  They were removed from the car safely, and neither of them had any injuries.

Why am I sending this note?  First, to thank God for protecting Casey, and his friend.  To keep this story to myself would almost suggest that I was unwilling to give Him my gratitude.  Jesus talked about the woman who found a lost coin and rejoiced with her neighbors.  Well, having Casey safe is cause for rejoicing too. 

Second, I send this to let my friends and family know that God hears us and wants us to turn to Him. 

I understand that we hesitate to pray sometimes, and that we are often concerned that He won’t hear us or give us what we believe we want.  Well, I know that He hears us, and gives us what He knows we need, even if it doesn’t always correspond with what we want.  But He wants us to come to Him and ask, persistently.

As the Advent season begins, I wish you all a wonderful time of preparing for the birth of Christ.  May God bless you and may you know that He is with you, always.



Patrick Lencioni is founder and CEO of The Table Group and author of 10 best-selling books that have been translated into more than 25 languages. His expertise is organizational leadership, consulting to CEOs and their teams. The Wall Street Journal called him one of the most sought-after speakers in America. Yet he is first and foremost a serious Catholic, husband and proud father of four sons.

Patrick Lencioni is the founder and president of The Table Group, and a prolific author of best-selling books on business management, particularly in relation to team... MORE »

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